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Shanghai Gold Room Im/Export Trade Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Gold Room Im/Export Trade Co ., Ltd. is engaged in imports and exports of the industry, teaching use equipment, various kinds of accurate measurement instrument and apparatus. Is situated in Shanghai Pudong New District of RP. of China.

By the business development ,our company has become a manufacturing and Im/Export Trading enterprise combining technologies of optics and electronics .Our products range from Stereo microscope series microscopes, Biological microscope series microscopes series of student microscopes and various Lupe as well as various optical lenses ,parts and components.

Our products have so far been exported to more than 20 countries and areas ,such as the Unites States, Brazil ,the Netherlands, France and Japan as well as Thailand.

The products of our company selling and handling have passed various kinds of safety certifications commonly applies in the United States and Europe in 2002, we passed the ISO9001 Quality System Acknowledge Inspection as well as 2000 Quality Administration System Qualification Inspection .

Let our company be your friend with its quality products .Our credo is "Nothing is perfect only better and better". We will continuously create a bright future for our enterprise with our commitment to a "First-call corporate image ,excellent product quality and high objectives " dedicated to serving our customers needs.

 Production & wholesale & retail sales : CCD microscope imaging system | Scale magnifying glass |Stereo microscope |Biological microscope | Metallography microscope |may transform the angle/to adjust the lightness microscope |video microscope/portable microscope|FCL9EX-N9w fluorescent lamp /LED ring lamp |Examines the cloth magnifying glass |magnifying glass / Lupe |Eyeglasses type magnifying glass |Multi-piece type Lupe |Jewelry/gem magnifying glass| CCD micro imaging system (CCD microscope photographic camera)|handy microscope| pocket microscope |Electron microscope |scale Lupe/light Lupe/Lupe 10X/15X/22X/Lupe/Glass scale| Parasite Lupe | Sucking Lupe 10X | Stereo Viewer | Enlarging Focuser | Light Holder for Stand Microscope| Vide Stand Microscope | Pocket Measuring Microscope | Hand Microscope | Hand Lupe 3X | Light Scale Lupe 7X | Pocket Microscope | Pocket Microscope 15X Long | Linen Tester | Stand Microscope | Light Holder for Peak Stand microscope | Shop Microscope | Mini Comparator 7X| Swing Lupe || Hand Viewer and Micro Film Viewer | Short Focus Scope | Flexible Stand Lupe | Mirror Stereo Viewer | Multi Desk Lupe | Zoom Lupe | Pendant Lupe 3X | Eye Lupe | Folding Lupe; Rubber needle/rubber tube |Noise reduction sound equipment |Guarantees glove/finger cot/ethyl alcohol pot/rubber seal packing collar/office supplies/and so on the factories with to consume the material.

The Key-word "Made in China", What you want to get, tell me please!

a quotation Centre Address: Rongcheng Road, Pudong Avenue, Shanghai, China Rongcheng Building 2, Lane 85, Block 1A (a quotation Centre)

      Headquarters Address:Qufu Road Shanghai Heng Building, 405, 268 (Headquarters)

Postcode: 200120

Tel: 86-21-60528487/50895423/58755483(a quotation Centre)  86-21-63811599(Headquarters) 

Fax: 86-21-58755483

Person to contact: Miss Li

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